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aukestrel in dueslash

Reality testing

seperis  and j_s_cavalcante  have "reality-tested" the archive for us over the past few days. To thank them, we turned on the "Featured" option and added their stories to it. You can find "Featured Stories" under the "Browse" menu or in the news item on the front page. We also turned on the "Challenges" module for people who want to upload their dS Match Stories and have them listed under that challenge.

For those who run challenges, it looks like you can issue a challenge yourself. To respond to a challenge, you upload your story, then go to the challenges section, choose the challenge, and click "Respond to this challenge!"

It looks like most of the bugs are ironed out, so... give it a try yourself! Register an account... upload some stories! Or, if you're not a writer, browse the site. Test the search function. Let us know if anything is wonky, if you see any spelling errors, if you have suggestions.

Please note that your "Pen Name" is your USER ID and can be the same as your "Real Name," so if you want to enter "murgatroyd" and "Murgatroyd" or even "Murgatroyd" and "Murgatroyd," feel free to do so.

The TinyMCE interface does not like <p> tags, as j_s_cavalcante  noted, so replacing the <p> tags in your HTML file with <br /> <br /> before uploading the file might help. There's also an option to cut and paste from Word. This hasn't worked well with Apple versions of Word but might work just fine with Windows versions.


Do you think the copy/paste would work with the open office apple version? Then those who have apple word could save in that and then use the copy/paste feature if they want. Would be rather roundabout, though. ^_^

Do you plan to transfer all the stories in the old archive over to the new one?